Axie Infinity: What Is the God Reptile Axie Construct?

The God Reptile Axie construct is among the most efficient methods in Axie Infinity Vintage (sometimes called Combat V2). This Axie meta surged in reputation throughout Season 19 because of its attainable to be each a sturdy tank and a good harm broker. The God Reptile Axie construct is most often coupled with the Tiny Swing card which permits it to deal bonus harm after 4 rounds upon activation. Axie Infinity gives all kinds of playstyles and methods for avid gamers to discover and theorycraft. This is among the builds that formed the meta of the preferred Non-fungible token (NFT) sport.

God Reptile Axie construct

The construct calls for the Kotaro Chew, Tiny Catapult, Bulkwark, and Tiny Swing playing cards on a Reptile sort Axie.

You want to have at maximum 40 pace for the Axie. That is because of the Kotaro Chew card requiring the supplied Axie to be slower than the fighters’ with a view to turn on its impact.

Reptile Axie Stats and Playing cards

The Tiny Catapult and Bulkwark will deal Mirror harm to the opponent which might require your Axie to have a good HP pool with a view to tank as a lot harm as conceivable with out being knocked out.

The Tiny Swing is your final weapon which permits the Axie to deal as much as 150% harm after 4 rounds. On the other hand, lasting for 4 rounds with out being knocked out might turn out to be a problem for avid gamers who need to take a look at the God Reptile Axie construct.

The essential a part of this technique is that the Reptile Axie must be capable of continue to exist lengthy sufficient to mirror as a lot harm as conceivable and maximize the facility of the Tiny Swing card. Remember that there are some Axie playing cards that may cripple your combo such because the Numbing card which disables an opponent’s melee playing cards.

The remainder of your workforce will range in your playstyle and what Axies you’ll be going through within the Area. Most popular Axies are frontline tanks and harm sellers who can take down the opponent’s tanky Axies.

With the Axie Origin’s early get entry to recently ongoing, it is going to be fascinating to look how the God Reptile Axie construct can evolve to suit the brand new gameplay mechanics and playstyle.



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