Methods to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

Minecraft permits you to tame quite a lot of home and wild animals however foxes are arguably the cutest pets that you’ll be able to have within the sport. They’re simple to seek out and will assault mobs that attempt to harm you. Here’s a fast information on the way to in finding, lure and tame foxes in Minecraft. The process works in the newest 1.19 replace and the information might be up to date in case there are any adjustments to the trapping and taming methods in replace 1.20 later this 12 months. 

The place to seek out foxes in Minecraft

Foxes are generally observed in teams of 2 to 4 and their look adjustments relying on which house you’re in. They’re simple to find in Biomes and listed here are the entire places the place you’ll be able to head to in case you need to lure a fox: 

  • Grove

  • Previous Expansion Pine Taiga

  • Previous Expansion Spruce Taiga

  • Snowy Taiga

  • Taiga

Methods to lure foxes in Minecraft

Ahead of taming a fox you wish to have to lure it first and befriend it. You do not want any particular equipment to lure foxes in Minecraft. Since foxes sleep right through the day, you’ll be able to simply sneak up on them and construct partitions round them. 

Remember to don’t unintentionally hit them else they’re going to get up. Setup two-block top partitions on all 4 aspects round them and also you will have to be just right to head. You’ll be able to lure more than one foxes similtaneously they’re generally shut to one another. Preferably, you need to lure two of them at a time, which can will let you breed extra foxes. 

Taming foxes in Minecraft 

To tame foxes in Minecraft, you wish to have to feed them glow berries or candy berries. Whenever you feed two foxes in the similar enclosure, they’re going to fall in love with every different and spawn a child fox in an issue of seconds. You’ll be able to now feed the infant fox to boost up its enlargement or you’ll be able to merely stay up for it to develop up. 

Whilst the foxes you entrapped will nonetheless be frightened of you, the infant fox will develop up and feature your agree with should you stay feeding it. Foxes DO NOT observe you house so it is very important put a lead on it to stay it in a single position.

Whenever you stage up a fox’s agree with, there are the entire mobs that it may possibly assault: 

  • Blazes

  • Cave Spiders

  • Drowned

  • Endermen

  • Endermites

  • Goats

  • Pandas

  • Husks

  • Phantoms

  • Pillagers

  • Ravagers

  • Silverfish

  • Skeletons

  • Spiders

  • Strays

  • Vexes

  • Vindicators

  • Wither skeletons

  • Zombies

  • Zombified Piglins

You’ll be able to earn the agree with of more than one foxes in Minecraft and breed them to get much more foxes. The breeding procedure is equal to trapping and also you simply wish to stay two foxes in an enclosure and feed them berries to allow love mode between them. 



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