Disney Fanatics Are Promoting Splash Mountain Water After Trip Closes

A cartoon hand holds a water bottle in front of a large river boat from Splash Mountain.

Widespread Disney International journey Splash Mountain—in keeping with animated scenes from the debatable Nineteen Sixties Disney movie, Tune of the South—has close down. Numerous other folks liked the journey, which dated again to 1992, so it is sensible that the day past, Disney adults and superfans alike crowded the park all so that you could journey Splash Mountain one remaining time. A few of them even scooped up some water from that remaining day, and are actually looking to promote the stuff on-line by way of public sale website eBay, asking as much as $150 for a unmarried jar.

Splash Mountain, one in all Disney International’s most well liked and well-known rides, closed the day past after 30 years of operation. This wasn’t unexpected. Disney announced this shutdown back in 2020 and defined that the journey could be repurposed into a similar log flume ride in keeping with the 2009 animated movie, The Princess and the Frog, a film that, unlike Song of the South, isn’t so horrifically racist that Disney has buried it in a vault, by no means to look the sunshine of day once more.

Without reference to how you’re feeling in regards to the journey’s origins, Splash Mountain was once an iconic appeal and a well-liked one, too. So, in fact some grifters are looking to benefit from other folks’s nostalgia. As spotted by various folks on Twitter, individuals who declare to were at Splash Mountain the day past are actually looking to promote water from their ancient remaining journey.


A screenshot shows multiple eBay listings for Splash Mountain water.

On eBay, I’ve found well over a dozen different users looking to promote other quantities of “Splash Mountain water.” Some costs are moderately low—a few bucks or less—which nearly turns out affordable till you commit it to memory’s a tiny bag (or bottle) of grimy H2O from a journey that most probably modified its water each few weeks. (That’s assuming the vendor isn’t mendacity, in fact.) Different eBay listings aren’t as reasonable, with some soliciting for $50, $100, or even $150 for only a small quantity of water that, supposedly, got here from Splash Mountain’s ultimate day of operation.


The rage’s gotten large enough that a couple of persons are posting obviously false joke items for 1000’s of greenbacks. However then, I additionally discovered any person trying to sell Splash Mountain Water from 2021 (lengthy ahead of it closed) for $1,000, which can be a shaggy dog story, but in addition turns out authentic. It is a very odd planet we continue to exist, huh?

For the ones of you studying this and pondering “Hello, I want I had some water from Splash Mountain’s ultimate day of operation?” smartly, that’s extraordinary, but in addition don’t purchase these things. As a substitute, simply move to Disneyland in California, the place the journey continues to be running (for now), and bottle up a few of your very personal Splash Mountain liquid. Reduce out the intermediary, avoid wasting cash, and feature a pleasant holiday, too.



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