FFXIV Weapon Design Contest Winners Published

FFXIV Weapon Design Winners

The winners of final yr’s FFXIV Weapon Design Contest are in. Sq. Enix performed the competition from August to October 2021. On the other hand, choice of the winners of the weapon design contest took place on the finish of March 2022. This week noticed the formal announcement by the use of the Lodestone legitimate weblog. And due to the “astounding quantity” of entries gained, the advance group opted to make a choice two grand prize winners for each and every task within the operating. Each profitable designs might be carried out in-game sooner or later, moreover, grand prize winners and finalists gained the “Nice Paraserpent” umbrella accent.

There have been two exceptions, alternatively: The Reaper and the Sage. This was once since the FFXIV weapon design contest was once held earlier than Ultimate Delusion XIV: Endwalker‘s legitimate unlock on December 7, 2021. Because the two jobs were not but carried out on the time of the competition, there have been no entries for them. A separate contest for Reaper and Sage guns might be held at a later date.

Listed below are the FFXIV Weapon Design Grand Prize Winners for each and every of the pre-Endwalker jobs.

Tank Jobs:

For Paladin, the profitable artists Namipeko and gal created sword and defend units known as “Sea of Night time” and “Mandragora’s Kitchen,” respectively.


For Warrior, artist Spark621 created the “Wrath Grinder,” and artist KingWCxix created the “Bombfish Basher.”

For Darkish Knight, the FFXIV weapon contest winners had been artists Rookdaw and Inexperienced Tea Latte. They created the “Blood Rapture” and “A Weapon To Fulfill That Conventional Want.”

For Gunbreaker, artists Matt and Ranitte created the “Cerberus Fang” and “Shark Gunblade”.

Melee DPS Jobs (Aside from Reaper):

Priests get the “Dragon’s Beard Fists” from sana and “The Primary-Normal’s Jaws” from ikei.

Dragoons will obtain tools through FFXIV Weapon Design Contest winners Crown (“Jet-Black Wolf”) and Misoradeko (“Inexperienced Foxtail Lance”).

Ninja guns are the “Shinobi Knives (Mystic)” through Chokoko and the “Mandragora Knife and Fork” through Kuropaki.

Samurai can wield the umbrella-like katana “Lavender Bloom” through Kaylie or “Higan-Shigan” through oluris.

Ranged Bodily DPS Jobs:

Bards can draw “Blue Chook’s Closing Bow” through Nesumi, and at the “Woodland Ranger’s Equipment” through Havakkuk.

Machinists gets “Victory of the Folks” through Madqueenmomo, and “Jack-in-the-Bouquet” through gal.

Dancers can arrange a regimen with the “Dual Moon Dancer” through Shirata and the “Bomb Dancer” through Aji.


Magical DPS Jobs:

Black Mages can illuminate their leylines with the “Malum Ignis” through Lumi, and “The Nice Serpent of Ronka Rod” through Rokusuke.

Summoners and Students can turn during the “Stumble upon Lily Grimoire” through artist Thank you for the Resurrection and “Go back and forth Spouse” through artist Shimashima.

Pink Mages will be capable of solid spells the usage of the “Shepherd’s Criminal – Gentle within the Darkish” through Smitten Miqitten and the “Rainpier” through Yui.

Even Blue Mages have a weapon from the FFXIV Weapon Design contest. Winners Keto and Kizashi designed the “Mild Umbrella” and “Surprise of Showtime” canes.

Healer Jobs:

White Mages can ply their heals with the “Bunny Cane” from Coreyality_Draws and the “Nameday Cane” through Cerberusnoise.

Students and Summoners can paintings with the “Codex of Misplaced Palette” designed through Shinjyu, or the “Fairy Lover Codex” through Yokaze.

Astrologians can get the “Stargazer” Superstar Globe through Lune, and the “Bringer of Gentle” through Roi.

But even so the Grand Prize winners of the FFXIV Weapon Design contest, there have been additionally finalists and runners-up. The ones will also be observed on the Lodestone blog post.

Ultimate Delusion XIV is to be had on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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