Hypixel Skyblock Nether Replace Patch Notes

skyblock nether update

After such a lot anticipation, Hypixel Skyblock gained the Nether replace the day gone by, and the patch notes disclose such a lot of adjustments!

Hypixel Skyblock enthusiasts were excited for the Nether replace for a very long time, searching for to determine what new programs and spaces can be coming to the sport with this replace.

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Optimistically, the builders didn’t disappoint enthusiasts as the brand new Nether replace is an enormous content material drop with a brand spanking new area, some particular gameplay programs like Factions, and numerous gameplay enhancements.

With out additional ado, let’s take a look on the Hypixel Skyblock Nether replace patch notes.

Towns | VR Trailer

Towns | VR Trailer

Hypixel Skyblock Nether Replace Patch Notes

Purple Isle

  • Centuries of eruptions from the Volcano became this island into this infernal panorama. The island population regrouped into two opposing factions on every aspect of the Volcano.
  • The requirement to go into the Purple Isle is Struggle stage 24.


  • The Taika folks compose the Mage Faction in Scarleton, whilst the Piglins are at the reverse aspect of the island in Dragontail, house of the Barbarian Faction. Someplace alongside the questline, you’ll be in a position to sign up for both of the ones factions and growth of their respective quests.
  • This replace introduces new Quest and NPC mechanics corresponding to stepped forward goal programs, discussion programs, NPCs shifting, and extra. Every Faction has its personal questline and tale so that you can play via.
  • On best of that, you’re going to get get admission to to the The city Board of your Faction, providing you with Day-to-day Missions. It is important to achieve recognition to transport up the ranks of your Faction, providing you with get admission to to new store choices, higher day by day missions, and extra.
  • Opting for a Faction isn’t a method, so be happy to select whichever fancies you the most productive. You’ll be able to at all times alternate factions later if you are feeling adore it through chatting with Elle. It is important to lose your entire present recognition to amend and repair your agree with with the opposite faction prior to you sign up for them.


  • The Purple Isle is an especially adverse house with heaps of latest enemies, and 5 of them stand above the others each in energy and of their praise. The ones 5 mini-bosses are referred to as:
    • Bladesoul: A large wither skeleton who regulations over the stronghold after defeating the most powerful of the Blazes in it, now dressed in his frame as a crown.
    • The Barbarian Duke X: A Piglin who ate up means an excessive amount of Sulphur and won immense energy at the price of his sanity, now ruling over his folks at the outskirts of the town.
    • Mage Outlaws: Imbued of their seek for energy, they were given banned from Scarleton and are at all times as much as exhibit their energy to any individual who demanding situations them.
    • Ashfang: A mighty Blaze that is living at the back of the wastelands, within the ruins of an outdated bastion.
    • The Magma Boss: The mightiest of all of them… This titan can is located within the magma chamber, within the intensity of the Volcano.
  • When defeated, every a kind of creatures drops crucial subject matter, and every has an opportunity to drop Kuudra Keys.
  • On best of that, Vanquishers are monsters that hardly spawn whilst you kill every other monster at the island, very similar to Particular Zealots within the Finish.
  • Honorable point out to the Matriarch, mom of all Hellwisps. You’ll be able to in finding this dreadful creature within the intensity of the Volcano. It’s the one technique to download Heavy Pearls, and it most effective creates 3 of them each and every IRL day.


  • Kuudra is the title of an enormous lava kraken that gave the impression at the Purple Isle. You’ll be able to get admission to this monstrous anomaly from the Forgotten Cranium. It is going to require you to have finished no less than some of the Faction Questlines.
  • There are 5 tiers of issue to this boss combat, however most effective two can be launched nowadays.
  • You’ll have to make a birthday celebration to begin a combat, as there received’t be matchmaking till an extra unencumber.
  • Win or lose, avid gamers will be capable to open a loose chest on the finish of every combat. Profitable, alternatively, spawns an further chest that may most effective be opened the use of a Kuudra Key.

New Armors

  • The Purple Armor: An armor highest for melee DPS that extends the variability you’ll hit enemies from.
  • The Aurora Armor: This mage armor will see some adjustments sooner or later. It’s carefully tied to the Aurora Group of workers, which you additionally get from Kuudra.
  • The Terror Armor: This set makes any individual seem like a natural-born archer with its devastating passive.
  • The Fervor Armor: Amongst the entire tank armors in SkyBlock, this one regulations all of them.
  • The Hole Armor: A beef up armor that can give attention-grabbing possible choices to the avid gamers. (This armor will unencumber at a later date)

Essence Adjustments

  • Till now, more than a few essences bought from Dungeons had been used to show pieces into Dungeon tools after which follow stars on them. Any further, stars will give further stats now not most effective in Dungeons however as an alternative give 2% further stats on tools items, versus the ten% they nonetheless give in Dungeons.
  • On best of that, one of the most new armor pieces within the Purple Isle will have greater than 5 stars, as much as 15 for a few of them. However the ones would require Purple Essence, bought from defeating bosses and salvaging nether tools.


  • Attributes are a brand new tools gadget unique to the Purple Isle.
  • When acquiring a work of drugs at the island, they’ll spawn with Attributes, which can be further passives. Every Characteristic may also be fused through merely combining two items with identical attributes. You’ll be able to call to mind them as further enchantments in some way. They pass the entire technique to stage 10 and, as soon as once more, may also be fused on the Blacksmith of every Faction.


  • For the primary time since we to begin with mentioned apparatus in our design threads a couple of months again, we can after all unencumber those 4 new armor items (GauntletNecklaceCloak and Belt) with the Purple Isle.
  • You’ll be able to equip them through merely right-clicking them like another piece of armor, and they may be able to be discovered on your Profile menu within the SkyBlock Menu.


  • Between the strain between the Mage and Barbarian Faction, one guy known as Grasp Tao has devoted himself to conjuring peace and calmness throughout the island. As a martial arts sensei, he has derived his teachings in a handful of assessments, open to whoever thinks they’re worthy of the Black Belt.

Accent Bag Adjustments

  • Transferring ahead, you’re going to not be capable to reforge equipment in my view anymore; as an alternative, reforges can most effective be carried out to the accent bag itself the use of Energy Stones.
  • Talking of precision, you’ll additionally be capable to track your stats additional the use of the brand new Tuning Machine. Each and every 10 MP will grant you 1 Tuning level, which you’ll spend on no matter stat you’d like. Equipment will now grant Magical Energy (MP) according to their rarity.


  • Mycelium: This may also be bought within the Mystic March in entrance of Scarleton
  • Pink Sand: May also be shoveled from the Burning Wasteland.
  • Sulphur: A brand new magical subject matter emanating from the Volcano right through eruptions. It may also be dropped from corrupted mobs.
  • Magmafish: Bought from Lava Fishing.

Blaze Slayer

  • This fifth slayer class is much more difficult than the Voidgloom. Nonetheless, in case you are up the duty, there are numerous attention-grabbing and gabagool rewards to procure. This content material is absolute best performed within the Smoldering Tomb, at the back of the island.
  • The Smoldering Tomb additionally has massive veins of Opal, a brand new Gemstone.

Lava and Trophy Fishing

  • Should you climb your technique to the highest of the Volcano, you’ll in finding a little bit hut the place a goblin lives. Odger isn’t extremely smart, however he’s good sufficient to show you about Trophy Fishing.
  • Trophy Fishes are particular Fishes you’ll most effective catch through fishing specifically techniques. There are 18 of them than may also be discovered in several tiers of high quality; in finding all Diamond Trophy Fishes to unencumber the entire rewards!

Loot Sharing Enhancements

  • The gadget stocks loot with different avid gamers in the event that they deal no less than 1% of wear to the mob as much as a most of 5 avid gamers consistent with mob.


  • The mage faction is the inventor and main manufacturer of the Skill Telephones. Abiphones can be utilized to name more than a few NPCs, however now not all NPCs have Abiphones.
  • You’ll be able to stroll to any NPCs appropriate with this selection and right-click them together with your Abiphone.

Hypixel Skyblock is now to be had via Minecraft.

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