Record: New Want for Velocity Will Have Anime Aesthetics

The rumored Need for Speed 2022 will mix anime aesthetics and photorealism, in keeping with insider and journalist Jeff Grubb. In the newest episode of the GiantBomb Grubbsnax display, Grubb talked in regards to the Criterion-developed sport’s distinctive visuals, settings, and multiplayer, amongst different issues.

Want for Velocity 2022 is reportedly set in fictionalized Chicago

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Backtracking on his earlier file of a Miami atmosphere, Grubb mentioned that he’s now heard that the following Want for Velocity will likely be set in Lakeshore Town – a fictionalized model of Chicago. “Criterion needs to make it really feel like an actual town, although it’s going to be a fictionalized model of a town,” he claimed. So far as the visuals are involved, right here’s how Grubb describes what his resources have mentioned:

It’s going to be photorealistic but it surely’s going to have, on most sensible of that, there’s going to be anime components. Whilst you see perhaps a automotive business or one thing like that, and the automobile’s using round and cool animated film flames are flying off it and stuff, and sparks are flying, and it appears to be like love it’s out of an anime? That’s the type of aesthetic they appear to be going for. And I ponder whether that’s what they imply after they say they’re going to do a fictionalized model of… Chicago. It’s referred to as Lakeshore Town.

Along with the above, Grubb claims that Autolog for multiplayer will go back, and avid gamers will have the ability to totally customise their automobiles.

Earlier experiences counsel that Want for Velocity is not off course to unlock in November 2022 although EA has but to formally unveil the sport. We’ve additionally heard that the writer is skipping last-gen platforms in prefer of a current-gen unlock.

In different information, Hideo Kojima has replied to rumors of Sony acquiring Kojima Productions, and the primary Cyberpunk 2077 enlargement now has a release window.

[Source: Grubbsnax via Wccftech]

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