The Ultimate Of Us Makes For Just right TV, However It’s A Difficult Watch After A Actual Pandemic

Pedro Pascal sits in front of a damaged wall in a screenshot from HBO's The Last of Us.

I’m slightly a minute into the premiere episode of HBO’s TV treatment for The Last of Us and I’m already uncomfortable. Nobody’s died but, and no person’s talking in a cringe-worthy Texas accessory, however as two mavens chat in regards to the threats to human society from airborne diseases, I understand that I’m now not reasonably positive if I’m within the temper for this sort of fiction. Unfortunately, for a lot of the rest episode, that feeling by no means reasonably went away and it nonetheless hasn’t. Whilst The Ultimate of Us is a well-made display that I’d suggest to fanatics of the video games and in a different way, it will have to include a heavy emphasis that, identical to presentations like Station 11 or Craig Mazin’s much-lauded Chernobyl, the very actual pandemic of COVID-19 doesn’t completely combine properly with what’s at the display. And no quantity of Pedro Pascal can alternate that, no less than for a few of us.

The Ultimate of Us, firstly launched for PS3 in 2013, remastered for PS4 in 2014, just about remade for PS5 final yr and now tailored to tv layout on HBO, follows the fallout of a fictional world pandemic that transforms other people into literal monsters. Society is derailed and numerous lives are misplaced within the procedure. The plot additionally tells the tale of competing factions of humanity within the wake of the pandemic, some with ties to old-world governments, others totally new, every on edge and able to shoot bullets at one every other. In each primary entries to The Ultimate of Us, in addition to the display, the traces between excellent guys and unhealthy guys blur continuously, however what’s completely transparent is that the realm now sucks and a mysterious, incurable illness is what set all of this in movement.

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In 2013 that premise may just slot extra simply into the world of myth, again when many people weren’t so worked with the concern of having ill and numb to governments that will’ve most popular to forget about it whilst the usage of army aggression to calm civil unrest over lots of society’s pre-existing stipulations.

I’ve performed The Ultimate of Us a excellent handful of instances (and am these days replaying it, in addition to working a first-time playthrough of Phase II), however by no means ahead of did I dread the plot’s opening moments like I did right through the TV display. One of the most immediate changes that many will understand within the TV adaptation is that the pre-outbreak prologue is longer and takes position in a special time; within the display, it’s 2003 that the contagion hits, now not 2013. However time adjustments apart, it’s nonetheless an expanded portrayal of an international that, in truth, we’ve most effective simply began to go back to.


As the primary episode strikes on, development as much as the dying of the primary personality’s daughter and the eventual 20-year flash ahead, I discovered myself in a state of hysteria, remembering the entire worry and uncertainty of COVID (specifically within the early days of 2020), each the virus and the US’ executive criminally fraught reaction. I dreaded observing an amplified mirror-image rendition of our international slip into the chaos of a public well being disaster mismanaged. I acknowledge that now not everybody will make a lot of these associations, however given the world-changing gravity of the pandemic, it’s laborious for me to not pass there.

Actually, I consider seeing the truckloads of dead bodies just around the block from where I live. I consider and nonetheless grapple with the concern of at-risk family and buddies, similar to the first actual sufferer within the TV display, perhaps getting ill, quickly to undergo and die. I consider how acute that worry was once after we knew so little about COVID and the way it unfold. I revel in anger on the army’s heavyhanded reaction within the display, however it’s hastily changed through the anger felt when the Trump management’s Director of the Nationwide Financial Council Larry Kudlow lied to all of us, pronouncing COVID was once “contained,” when that very same management endured to turn they had been simply unfucking concerned with the specifics of what they had been coping with. I most certainly don’t want to repeat the truth that our very president recommended ingesting or injecting bleach as a cure for the disease, that we stop testing, and that it will all just “go away,” however yeah, that each one came about. It wasn’t fiction.


The Last of Us in TV form feels closer to reality. In the video game the infection more easily drifts into background lore, a justification for why we’re moving our characters around all-too familiar monster obstacles that’ll send us to a checkpoint if we’re not careful. But whether it’s seeing real flesh and blood people on screen instead of, as showrunner Craig Mazin put it, “observing pixels die,” or delicate adjustments to the narrative that fill in additional alternative for human expression as an alternative of instances spent crafting smoke bombs out of online game gadgets I amassed with the triangle button, all of it combines within the HBO display to make for an revel in I’m not able to withstand drawing painful parallels from. That is no fault of the display. I don’t specifically deal with how “lifelike” its portrayal is or isn’t. In reality, the sentiments stirred through the display may well be a testomony to how evocative it’s.

There’s so much to comprehend about The Ultimate of Us’ HBO adaptation, however I counsel people test in with themselves, ahead of observing or recommending, and ask whether or not or now not this actual tale is one thing they wish to spend time with at this actual second in historical past.



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