Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Was once So A hit, Gearbox Is Turning It Into A Franchise

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All through the day gone by’s Embracer Group annual general meeting, Pitchford mentioned how a hit Wonderlands have been, pronouncing that it “shattered all” of Gearbox’s vital and industrial expectancies. Whilst this may surely imply Gearbox and its mum or dad corporate Embracer will see some more cash come rolling in, the CEO additionally showed that there used to be extra Wonderlands-related content material to return, pronouncing:


“I’m delighted to record that, along with nice monetary rewards from this victory that might be coming our means within the coming quarters, we now have established a company beachhead and we now obviously have a brand new franchise on our arms, with long term reports already underneath construction at Gearbox.”

It’s unclear what “long term reports” are already being evolved. It generally is a huge, new paid growth for Wonderlands or a full-on sequel. Or possibly each!


For Embracer, that is some much-needed excellent information as some other one in every of its studios, Volition, didn’t have just about as a lot luck with its Saints Row reboot. Whilst I personally enjoyed the sport, maximum other people didn’t, and even Embracer’s CEO seemed disappointed by means of its reception and gross sales.




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