Best Twitch Streamer Mizkif Suspended From Gaming Org For Alleged Sexual Attack ‘Duvet Up’

Maya has damaged her silence at the scenario. In a recent Twitch stream, Maya stated that all the way through a dialog she had with AdrianahLee concerning the come across with CrazySlick, AdrianahLee advised Maya he didn’t rape or sexually attack her. As a result of Maya “didn’t recall to mind it as a rape or a sexual attack” when it came about, Maya had requested AdrianahLee to incorporate that element within the TwitLonger submit.


On the other hand, Maya now says she acknowledges the unequal “energy dynamic” between herself and AdrianahLee, for the reason that Maya is a miles larger streamer. So Maya apologized to AdrianahLee, noting that she “feels unhealthy” and “wasn’t seeking to power [AdrianahLee] into announcing one thing” that may downplay her stressful revel in.


CrazySlick has additionally responded to the assault allegations, announcing in some now-deleted tweets that he “by no means sexually assaulted any person and not will” whilst claiming he checked AdrianahLee’s pulse via her “neck and wrist most effective.” CrazySlick’s Twitch remains to be up, however he’s deactivated his Twitter.

AdrianahLee remains to be grappling with the aftermath of the placement, expressing that all the debacle has felt like one giant gaslighting incident for her and her buddies.


“It used to be an attack,” AdrianahLee stated in a September 19 movement. “Smartly, I assume, I don’t know…What’s attack outlined [as]? [CrazySlick] didn’t rape me. He didn’t stick a finger in me or no matter, however he did contact my chest house more than one occasions when he used to be requested to prevent more than one occasions. Whether or not that’s harassment or attack that’s as much as you. I assume it’s as much as me. It’s one thing that makes me fucking uncomfortable. It’s one thing that’s fucked up. It’s one thing that are meant to no longer occur to any girl.”

Within the wake of those main points resurfacing, Mizkif has been suspended from One True King (OTK), the content material introduction and way of life group he co-founded with different streamers like Asmongold in October 2020. In a observation on its legitimate Twitter, OTK stated it’s within the technique of “contacting a third-party prison group” to analyze Mizkif’s conduct and language.


“Mizkif has been put on depart and can be stepping clear of his organizational tasks pending the result of the investigation,” the org stated. “OTK strongly condemns sexual harassment, attack, and bigotry of all bureaucracy.”


Mizkif additionally made a observation at the topic. In a TwitLonger post, he stated CrazySlick “has been advised to vacate [the] space once conceivable,” and apologized to “everybody suffering from the placement.” In a follow-up tweet, Mizkif clarified that CrazySlick had, if truth be told, sexually assaulted AdrianahLee.


Kotaku reached out to AdrianahLee, CrazySlick, Maya, and Mizkif for remark.

Correction, 9/21/22, 10:55 a.m. ET: The tale has been up to date to proper its description of the character of OTK as a company.



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