Tower Of Myth Easiest Simulcra Characters Tier Listing

We now have witnessed various gacha video games being launched prior to now couple of years, however Tower of Myth is definitely probably the most hyped after Genshin Affect.

Whilst the sport has various similarities in comparison with Genshin Affect, something that has been essentially the most mentioned facet is the nature advent machine. This provides avid gamers the liberty to design their very own persona, make a choice from various community-based presets, or simply equip one of the crucial in-game skins. The nature’s talents and guns are supplied on most sensible of the nature you’ve got designed, which is one thing Genshin Affect avid gamers were craving for.

What Stability Adjustments Had been Made To The International Model Of Tower Of Myth?

As with many different video games, the worldwide unlock of Tower of Myth witnessed various adjustments as in comparison to the Chinese language model. A majority of these concerned nerf to the characters, excluding a couple of refined buffs. Bearing in mind the truth that the sport has simply introduced, it would take a little time to know the way drastic the adjustments were, and the way they’ll impact the meta. Listed here are the adjustments which were made to the quite a lot of characters.

Personality Nerf/Buff
Nemesis Weapon Impact Resonance, 3-star Development, and 5-star Development nerfed.
Nemesis Matrices 2-piece and 4-piece set impact nerfed.
Claudia Weapon Impact Resonance buffed.
Cobalt-B Weapon Impact Resonance buffed.
Coco Ritter 6-star Development buffed.
Coco Ritter Matrices 2-piece and 4-piece set impact nerfed.
Tsubasa 1-star Development nerfed.
Tsubasa Matrices 2-piece and 4-piece set impact nerfed.
Crow Matrices 2-piece set impact nerfed and 4-piece set impact buffed.
King’s Matrices 2-piece and 4-piece set impact nerfed.
Meryl Simulacrum Characteristics 4000 Issues nerfed.
Samir Matrices 2-piece set impact nerfed, 4-piece set impact balanced.
Shiro Matrices 4-piece set impact nerfed.
0 6-star Development balanced.

Tower of Myth Simulcra Tier Listing

Whilst there’s a tough tier listing to be had for the Chinese language model, the similar can’t be used for the global version as somewhat numerous adjustments were made to the characters. The tier listing beneath is in response to the worldwide model of the sport and will probably be up to date if there are to any extent further adjustments to the meta.

Tier Characters
S-Tier KING, Samir, Tsubasa, Coco Ritter
A-Tier Nemesis, Meryl, Shiro, Crow
B-Tier 0, Huma
C-Tier Ene, Hilda, Pepper, Bai Ling, Echo

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