Tyler1 Pyke Is going All in on LeBlanc Clone, Loses Drake for Group

It’s been over a few months since Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp hit Challenger whilst enjoying the position of improve within the North American (NA) Solo Queue. Following this, the streamer introduced that he will be flying to South Korea for his subsequent problem the place he’s going to autofill his method to Challenger at the extraordinarily aggressive Korean server. The fanatics were carefully observing tyler1 ever since this announcement and each unmarried misplay play made via him is gaining traction in the neighborhood. Lately, a misplay via tyler1 on Pyke accrued 13K perspectives, simply at the clip on my own, now not taking into consideration those that watched the streamer reside.

Interpreting tyler1’s Pyke play

Streamer tyler1 used to be enjoying on his DaRkHaWk72 account, which in step with OP.GG is Diamond I – 72 LP on the time of writing. His group used to be at the blue facet and at 18 mins in-game, each the groups had been even in kills and the Mountain Dragon used to be up for grabs.

To start with, tyler1 is noticed contesting imaginative and prescient close to the enemy’s blue buff, however after the enemy improve Karma presentations up, he pans his display screen to the mid-lane and sees the Ahri dueling the LeBlanc in mid-lane. The Ahri nearly kills the LeBlanc within the 1v1 and LeBlanc’s passive Replicate Symbol will get popped as she drops beneath 40% well being.

LeBlanc Passive Replicate Symbol: When LeBlanc drops beneath 40% Well being, she turns into invisible for 1 2nd and creates a Replicate Symbol that offers no harm and lasts for as much as 8 seconds.

Tyler1 rushes to lend a hand Ahri safe the kill however is going overboard in doing so. He flashes in for the kill, ignites LeBlanc, after which realizes that he had ignited the clone because the clone dies and LeBlanc survives. In the meantime, the enemy group secured the Mountain Dragon, making issues worse for tyler1’s squad.

In an instant, tyler1 facepalmed himself and mentioned, “Bro, I don’t care. the Ahri pinged. Oh my god! After which we misplaced the dragon and died.

Publish recreation stats for tyler1 and group

Fortuitously for tyler1’s group, they controlled to recuperate from that not-so-flashy play. The blue facet gained the sport after securing 8 towers, 3 dragons, and two barons in 39 mins. Tyler1 on Pyke had a Okay/D/A of 10/13/7 with kill participation of 44% and used to be ranked the third-best participant within the recreation, in step with the OP.GG ranking.



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