Upcoming KOF XV DLC Will Upload 3 Samurai Shodown Warring parties

SNK announced Samurai Shodown opponents Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli Dagger will sign up for KOF XV within the upcoming DLC. The 3 characters will sign up for the identify as a part of Workforce Samurai. The brand new DLC will arrive on October 4, 2022. Moreover, SNK launched an creation trailer for the characters. [Thanks, ryokutya!]

Workforce Samurai is composed of characters new and outdated to the franchise. Haohmaru, a ronin modeled after mythical swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, first gave the impression within the authentic Samurai Shodown launched in 1993. Nakoruru, a personality with designs impressed via Ainu tradition, additionally gave the impression within the authentic recreation in addition to the former King of Warring parties XIV. The 2019 prequel Samurai Shodown offered Darli Dagger, a shipwright who wields an enormous noticed.

Moreover, the brand new trailer options some interactions between new and current characters. Haohmaru, for instance, references a prior come across with Mai Shiranui, even though she insists that they’ve by no means met. When Darli Dagger meets Jenet, the chief of the Lillien Knights pirate team, she asks if she may just see her boat.

You’ll be able to take a look at the interactions within the KOF XV Workforce Samurai DLC trailer underneath:

Samurai Shodown, sometimes called Samurai Spirits in Japan, used to be an arcade combating recreation launched in 1993. Characters from the collection have gave the impression in different KOF titles, such because the aforementioned KOF XIV, in addition to The King of Warring parties: All Famous person and the crossover identify Capcom vs. SNK 2.

The former DLC workforce used to be Team Awakened Orochi, which added new variations of Chris, Shermie, and Yashiro. Sooner than that, SNK additionally printed Team Garou and Team South Town. Workforce Samurai is the fourth and ultimate showed DLC workforce of 2022.

The Samurai Shodown DLC for KOF XV shall be to be had beginning October 4, 2022. The King of Warring parties XV is to be had to play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Sequence X|S.



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