Why Did Why-Guy Flip Earth Into Stone? What Used to be The Goal?

Fanatics of the Dr. Stone manga got here up with a wide variety of theories to give an explanation for the reason for the petrification of everybody on Earth most of these years. Some theorists argued that there used to be time go back and forth concerned. Whilst some idea it used to be the paintings of Senku. In spite of everything, after an extended wait, the manga defined the extraordinary phenomenon. In bankruptcy 229, the manga has in the end published who used to be answerable for turning everybody into stone. Why did Why-man flip Earth into stone? Stay studying to determine. 

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Why Did Why-Man Turn Earth Into Stone

Who Is The Why-Guy?

Senku and the dominion of Science began to analyze the rationale at the back of the petrification. They came upon that anyone used to be sending messages in morse code to the radio tower. The message is distributed in morse code and translated to the phrase why. The phrase why is distributed time and again. Therefore, Senku provides the mysterious entity the name ‘Why-man’. Why-man is those who petrify the entire Earth. They’re the principle antagonist of the collection who desires to petrify Earth to make people smarter. It desires to create everlasting existence for people through petrifying them and holding them. 

In Chapter 229 of the manga Senku and his buddies run into the Why-man. The Why-man are the Medusa gadgets. Senku and the others are surprised to peer massive plenty of the Medusa gadgets. They’re the similar gadgets that petrified Earth. Senku discovers that the gadgets shot the beam in alternate for one thing from the people. The Why-man then finds that they provide immortality in go back for repairs. The gadgets declare that they inspire humanity to do higher and lead them to extra clever. 

Why Did The Why-Guy Flip Earth Into Stone?

Senku and the opposite people succeed in the moon to seek out solutions concerning the mysterious Why-man. Then again, after they succeed in there, they’re surprised on the large expose. The Why-man are none as opposed to the similar Medusa Gadgets that attempted to petrify the Earth. Senku and Xeno are perplexed and manner the gadgets to seek out extra solutions. The 2 come to a conclusion that the gadgets are providing humanity prolonged existence. Then again, they would like one thing in go back. 

The Why-man then defined that they sought after to supply humanity permanent existence. The mechanical parasites identified that people are the awesome species and sought after to growth them. They uncover {that a} truthful alternate is imaginable between the people and Medusa gadgets. As Senku and Xeno predicted, the mechanical gadgets are parasites and want the assistance of a awesome species to proceed their survival. They idea that people may lend a hand them in alternate for prolonged existence. 

Why Did The Why-Man Turn Earth Into Stone

The Medusa Take a look at To Trap Earth

The Medusa gadgets needless to say they want the assistance of others to proceed their survival. So, the parasites get a hold of a plan of discovering a species that can conform to lend a hand them. The one factor that the gadgets can be offering is their petrification. The gadgets then try to trap species with the promise of everlasting existence. Consequently, they are attempting the trial and mistake approach through petrifying many species. They argue that the neatest species will crack out of the stone first. Their goal is to discover a species that values everlasting existence and needs it. This will likely permit them to hunt lend a hand and be offering one thing precious in go back. 

The Why-Guy Take a look at To Assist Earth

In the end, the Medusa to find Earth and petrify Earth. The gadgets make a decision that the folk on Earth are thinkers who can lend a hand them live to tell the tale. So, they petrify the Earth. Now they look forward to the species to loose themselves so they may be able to decide their price. Then again, one of the vital astronauts within the Global House station stay unaffected. The crowd returned to Earth and started the Petrification Kingdom in Treasure Island. Their task signals the Medusa. 

The Medusa then release the following segment in their plan. They start sending masses of petrification gadgets to Earth. They hope that the folk on Earth discover ways to use them. Moreover, recognize them and trap them into forming a industry with them. Then again, their plan does now not pass smartly. People on Earth started the usage of the gadgets as guns and began fights. Consequently, a warrior has destroyed all of the gadgets, nervous it will escalate the tensions. The Why-man witness this and get unsatisfied The gadgets display pastime in people again due to Senku. They obtain his tough radio indicators and check out to supply people lend a hand as soon as once more. 

Why Did The Why-Man Turn Earth Into Stone

Why Are They Known as Why-Guy?

When Senku tries to seek out the only answerable for the petrification match, he sends tough indicators via a radio tower. The indicators be a focus for the Medusa, who’s stunned that the people rejected everlasting existence. The Medusa had been making plans that they’d conform to lend a hand them in alternate for everlasting existence. Then again, when Senku does now not display pastime, this shocks the parasites. So, they ship their reaction ‘Do you wish to have to die?’ That is their try to guarantee people that they may be able to are living perpetually. Their one final likelihood to trap the people into serving to them. 

When Senku and others obtain the message, they simply listen the similar phrase many times. The phrase is ‘why’. The sign handiest lasts for a few mins, finishing in a while in a while. Seku and the others fail to grasp what it way and who they’re. They casually dub the mysterious speaker as Why-man. They gave them that identify as they stored repeating the similar phrase time and again. Why did Why-man flip Earth into stone? Hope you discovered the solution. For extra fascinating theories and Dr. Stone content material, keep tuned with The Anime Day by day. 

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