Cyberpunk 2077 turns into actual cyberpunk at its vertical limits

Early on in my playthrough of CD Projekt Pink’s 7/10 NFT screensaver Cyberpunk 2077, I realised it’s good to climb washing traces.

I’m an actual sucker for verticality, so generally I’d be straight away seeking to see how prime I may just get, however after tentatively scaling a couple of flooring I made up our minds to offer the pressing primary quest the good thing about the doubt. There would almost definitely simply be a disappointing invisible wall anyway. I climbed back off and did my absolute best to have interaction with the pricy cutscenes stuffed with correct actors. 50 hours of mediocre Atypical Days references later, I had lots of the sport below my belt and used to be in a position to move in search of one thing extra considerable – to check out to search out some exact cyberpunk on this retrowave moodboard. I set about pushing Cyberpunk 2077 to the vertical restrict.

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