Elden Ring speedrun file is now below 9 mins

One month in the past, Elden Ring speedrunners broke the 30-minute mark for completing FromSoftware’s huge open-world journey. That was once spectacular. Now, due to fancy system defects and honed tactics, runs are under 9 mins. Ridiculous. Come see.

That is runner “Distortion2”, who has been slicing instances vastly since breaking the 30-minute mark. The run will get daft from the beginning, shedding from the beginning house down in the course of the international and into Stormveil Citadel. A chain of system defects rocket the Tarnished internationally to hit Crumbling Farum Azula sooner than even the two-minute mark. And from there, system defects skip in truth preventing bosses sooner than a brief dash to the tip at 8:57.

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