Evaluate: Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters Weighs Down its Characters With Dull Dungeons

From an outdoor point of view, the sheer endurance of the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise has been not anything in need of admirable. What began in 2010 as a janky JRPG constructed on a single-note gimmick blossomed into a chain with on the subject of twenty distinct titles. For individuals who’ve been maintaining, despite the fact that, actually that Neptunia‘s been coasting, depending on abnormal and incessantly sloppy spin-offs to stay the emblem in peoples’ minds. Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters, alternatively, could be the beginning of a turning level.

If Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters is a spin-off game, it without a doubt stands above many of the crowd. Each in narrative and manufacturing, the sport seems and looks like a brand new mainline access. With an incredibly dramatic plot and a if truth be told attention-grabbing struggle device, Sisters VS Sisters carries itself like a religious successor to Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2. That’s due partially to the truth that that is the primary Neptunia identify in years to be led via the “2d era” characters: Nepgear, Uni, Rom, and Ram. Offered in Neptunia Mk2 as the more youthful sisters of the extra acquainted goddesses Neptune, Vert, Noire, and Blanc, the “Goddess Candidates” have been representations of the preferred hand-held gaming consoles of the time. Uni used to be in line with Sony’s PSP and Vita, and Rom and Ram have been twins impressed via Nintendo’s DS line. Like her older sibling, Nepgear used to be in line with a hypothetical Sega moveable, a would-be Sport Tools for the present era.

Except for, after all, for the truth that within the 2020s, moveable recreation consoles aren’t in point of fact “present era” {hardware} anymore. This present day, gaming at the move is sort of completely ruled via smartphones and similar units. The PSP, PS Vita, and DS that impressed the Goddess Applicants are all effectively “dead” in the eyes of their makers. Even Nintendo’s in style Transfer console is made in large part from elements that’d be proper at house in any person’s telephone (it will possibly reasonably simply be was a pill, even).

hyperdimension neptunia sisters

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters well leans into that fact. After Neptune and the Goddesses move off on a venture to the PC Continent, Nepgear and her buddies are left in fee, most effective to be trapped and put to sleep via an unknown Ashen Goddess. They awaken two years later, to find that the arena has left them in the back of. The international locations that the console Goddesses as soon as dominated are underneath siege, incessantly falling again towards ferocious Trendi Outbreaks.

The outbreaks, and the monster assaults that accompany them, compelled other people indoors, reliant on their smartphones for connection, leisure, or even gaming. This reliance has metastasized into dependancy, and the folks’s fixation on their rPhone units incessantly enervated the Goddesses, draining their all-important “stocks” and weakening their talent to battle again towards the Trendi risk. Neptune herself has long past lacking, sacrificing herself in combat towards longtime Neptunia nemesis Arfoire. Confronted with a bleak fact, Nepgear and her buddies wish to flip issues round, examine the mysterious supply of the rPhones and the Trendi Outbreaks they gasoline, and repair peace and prosperity to the land of Gameindustri. Serving to them are a couple of refugees: Anri, a author from the PC Continent, and Maho, a phone-obsessed amnesiac.

Neptunia Maho

There’s so much occurring in that plot setup. Even other people most effective vaguely acutely aware of international and gaming information during the last few years will simply see plenty of parallels and almost-crass references in Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters‘ storyline. As a franchise, Hyperdimension Neptunia used to be at all times content material to depart its real-life references light-hearted, desperate to get a giggle out of other people within the know, however cautious to not let the writing stray an excessive amount of into observation.

Sisters VS Sisters we could its references lie slightly nearer to the outside in comparison to different spin-offs. It’s transparent that the final couple of years and the overall upward thrust of telephone gaming has given Collect Center’s writers numerous subject material to paintings with. Various conversations and cutscenes in-game have a ripped-from-the-headlines high quality that’s strange even for a Neptunia recreation. That stated, the tale by no means makes the error of going too grim, even with a environment that’s arguably post-apocalyptic. The writing turns out neatly conscious that persons are right here to peer anime women be lovely, and it doesn’t get in the way in which of that, even if issues are at their maximum bleak and drama-filled.

If there’s one caveat I’d elevate for the common non-fan, I’d say that Sisters VS Sisters is somewhat tougher to get into when you’re no longer no less than passingly conversant in Nepgear and the Candidate Staff. When you’re completely new to the franchise, you could need to spend a while with the primary two video games within the collection to get probably the most out of the interactions right here. Collect Center doesn’t move out of its approach to reintroduce the characters, and has a tendency to think you understand the extensive strokes of Neptunia lore because it dives instantly in.

If there’s a shortcoming to all this, it’s that Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters is way much less of an ensemble piece than different titles. The primary tale and the entire maximum attention-grabbing actions happen between and along Nepgear, Anri, and Maho. The opposite Goddesses and Goddess Applicants get some display time, however by no means really feel like the rest rather than “alongside for the trip”. That’s just right information when you’re a Nepgear fan, however other people coming to the sport to peer some other in their faves get the highlight would possibly come away much less happy.

Buttressing it is a new strategy to struggle that helps to keep issues attention-grabbing and appealingly gentle. Long past is the overall turn-based struggle device, changed with a real-time means harking back to Stories of titles. In struggle, avid gamers will use their combo assaults, whilst charging a bar for extra tough Tactical Talents. Do sufficient strikes, and also you’ll turn on an impressive, screen-clearing EX ability. In a pinch you’ll be able to use the now-familiar Goddess Transformation, despite the fact that it fees moderately slowly, and has a tendency to occur lovely hardly ever ahead of the endgame. Battle is just about seamless, and happens at the map with out loading a separate combat display, making fights simple to get into and out of.


Between battles, you’ll be able to tinker along with your talents within the “Combo Maker” menu, permitting you to control the mixtures to be had to each and every persona. Other strikes have other houses, and a few take pleasure in showing in sure sequences. Strikes even have an “AP” level value, that means you’ll wish to price range somewhat to verify a personality has sufficient issues to drag off her complete combo string. New strikes are unlocked as you degree up. With each and every playable persona having plenty of strikes to earn, you’ll be able to stay issues attention-grabbing via switching up characters and taking part in round with the Combo Maker on the lookout for cool strings to belt out. That stated, the sport hardly ever places up a reputable problem, so that you’ll do these items most commonly to stay from getting too bored when you transfer from cutscene to cutscene.

But even so the Combo Maker, a time-based “Disc Building” device allows you to “craft” semi-randomized “Perks” within the type of equippable recreation Discs. The results some Discs have may also be dramatic in sure mixtures, enabling such things as animation-canceling and different amusing tweaks. That stated, the semi-random nature makes it slightly arduous to depend on for optimization.

You’ll be able to additionally purchase and equip more than a few visible equipment, striking and manipulating them as you please to make issues even sillier than they’re via default.

Most likely deadlier to Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters than any Arfoire-spawned monster is boredom. Curiously sufficient, this boredom doesn’t come from the writing, which is pleasingly lighthearted and uncommonly attractive, even to non-fans, via Neptunia requirements. It’s additionally no longer from the struggle device, which is attention-grabbing to mess around with and displays attainable. The problem is the dungeons, that are mind-numbing to trudge thru. There’s no semblance of degree design at paintings within the bland, samey corridors that make up the “gameplay” spaces of Sisters VS Sisters. They really feel such a lot like mindlessly copied corridors and flat, featureless rooms that I suspected in the beginning that they have been procedurally generated. They weren’t.

In the beginning, it is a minor factor, and simple to forget about as you progress from scene to scene. Finally, the “meat” of any Neptunia identify is within the conversations and persona skits. But it surely in point of fact will get to you through the years. Person participant tolerances for uninteresting dungeons can range, after all. That stated, I feel even affected person avid gamers can be examined once they stroll in the course of the just about identically laid-out room for the umpteenth time, most effective this time the partitions are a unique colour. Issues get even much less interesting whilst you notice that many of the aspect quests and a just right choice of primary quests will power you to revisit those maps time and again.

Neptunia IF

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters is a stunning go back to shape for Hyperdimension Neptunia, a recreation that turns out to turn followers that Collect Center nonetheless recalls what made its little franchise so endearing within the first position. It’s only a disgrace {that a} loss of deal with areas threatens to undermine that sense of renewal.

Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters is to be had on PS4, PS5, and PC by means of Steam. This evaluate is in line with the PS4 model of the sport, a duplicate of which used to be won from the writer.



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