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In What Lies in the Multiverse, you play as a child of unknown title who meets Everett, an eccentric and sarcastic scientist from any other international being able to soar between dimensions. You’ll embark on a adventure with him, finding twisted realities for your means, escaping from a colourful solid of characters of their venture to seize you, all whilst getting to understand Everett’s mysterious previous and motivations. It’s a adventure of discovery, full of absurd and darkish humor, existential questions, and relatable characters from throughout.

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At its core, it’s a pixel artwork puzzle/platformer recreation the place you turn between other universes (which act as other variations of the extent by which you’re) to resolve puzzles and growth during the tale. You’ll see a wide variety of universes! Frozen ones, the place the ice makes your steps slippery and lets you soar extremely lengthy distances. Poisoned ones, the place you’ll be able to best be a short while in them with out working out of air. Or inverted ones, the place the entirety is the wrong way up, even the gravity! Those all range in aesthetic, theme, mechanics, narrative, or even tune! There’s an entire multiverse to discover on this little journey. Worldbuilding is a huge issue of the narrative too, even though not obligatory for the extra curious participant. Why are those universes like this? What came about to most of these other people? And why is a warrior grandma combating a horde of yellow-eyed zombies? Should you concentrate all over your journey, you might come throughout some deserted items from other people from a wide variety of worlds, which you’ll be able to accumulate to delve deeper into the narrative, or simply fulfill your internal collector spirit.


It’s a a laugh little journey filled with surprises, and we’re extremely excited (and anxious!) to turn it to you all these days on Xbox! It’s been a troublesome couple of years of labor, with a variety of implausible other people giving their best possible to make this tale as particular as it’s these days, and so we are hoping you experience it up to we did whilst making it <3

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What Lies within the Multiverse

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What Lies within the Multiverse is a story-driven 2D journey that one may name a dramatic comedy. Stuffed to the brim with hilarious, cartoonish hijinks, the narrative additionally gifts the participant with mature and deep subject matters like loss of life, envy, and obsession. Issues inevitably move batshit loopy very speedy within the Multiverse while you uncover the facility to go back and forth between parallel worlds. Those worlds are change variations of each and every stage and vary in aesthetic, theme, and physicality. Switching between them permits you to resolve logical and spatial demanding situations and to growth the tale. Seamless Transformations Do you want to switch the sport international at the fly? Now you’ll be able to! Can't achieve a ledge? Bam! Transfer worlds mid-air. Petrified of sliding round in an icy surroundings? Trade to any other universe for less attackable floor! Simply watch out when messing with gravity… Various International Embark on a adventure throughout quite a few beautiful pixel-art worlds, each and every providing one thing distinctive. Discover temples, cities, harbours, the barren region and extra as you race to release the secrets and techniques of the Multiverse. Vibrant Solid of Characters Meet a host of quirky however compelling characters equivalent to Everett, your eventual genius significant other. Image a sarcastic, eccentric Albert Einstein. Then there’s EZ, a mysterious determine everybody fondly recalls however can't describe. Or ZENITH, a bunch of enigmatic and shadowy figures all the time respiring down your neck. A Deeper Tale Whilst staying true to its light-hearted nature, the tale's poignancy builds as you move. A rollercoaster of laughter, pleasure, and sorrow awaits.

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